Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Transcription Service?
    Transcription service is an audio‐to‐text service, meaning the conversion of a spoken language source into type‐written format.
  • What kinds of industries or professions solicit audio‐to‐text services?
    Market Research companies, Multimedia companies that include television & radio programming companies, solicitors & legal companies including police departments, doctors & healthcare companies, students & universities, corporate & businesses.
  • Why do these industries and professionals require a transcript?
    • Market research companies require it for their focus group discussions and interviews.
    • Television & radio programmers require it for multiple post production processes for instance, adding captions and sub‐titles to video and television programs.
    • Solicitors and legal companies, including the police departments require a documented transcript for court proceedings or arbitrations.
    • Doctors and healthcare companies to maintain medical records of patients.
    • Students and universities for dissertations, thesis and academic research.
    • Corporate and businesses need them to document board meeting minutes, marketing or earning call announcements.
  • Why do I need to outsource my transcription needs?

    Transcriptions can easily overload your staff and make their workload seem endless. Don't let your office fall behind on more important duties. By using our transcription services, you'll not only save money, you'll create a more productive atmosphere for your employees. Leave the typing work to us.

    By outsourcing your transcription needs, you'll save money in several ways:

    • No cost of special equipment.
    • No hourly employee downtime. Pay only for production.
    • No payroll, EPF or SOCSO.
    • No medical insurance benefits, paid vacations, and sick leave.
    • Receive transcription services at an affordable cost.
    • Maintain tight budget control and always know the total transcript cost upfront.
    • Eliminate the need to hire additional staff for increased transcription demands. Outsource growing transcription needs, rather than hire additional staff.
    • Eliminate the need to replace transcription staff that quit, retire or are reassigned to other duties.
  • How long have you been in business?
    We opened our doors in early 2008 to address market research transcription needs. Later, we extended our transcription services to legal firms, students, public lectures, forums and corporate board meetings.
  • Where are your transcribers located?
    We use qualified transcriptionists in our panel who work from home and are located in Malaysia.
  • What do you transcribe?
    We offer all kinds of transcription work ‐ Focus groups, Interviews, dictations, business meetings, conference, press briefings, lectures, legal court proceedings and arbitration, radio shows, video shows, panel discussions, sermons, seminars, etc
  • Can you transcribe languages other than English?
    We offer transcriptions in Bahasa Malaysia, as well as the translation of these transcripts into English.
  • Briefly explain your transcription process.
    Once we receive your recordings, they are passed on to the group of Transcriptionists who have prior experience in transcribing the kind of recording you have submitted. Once they have finished transcribing, the transcripts are checked for errors and proofread by the Reviewers, before it is finally delivered to the client via email.
  • What are the document formats the transcripts will be delivered in?
    The standard format for the transcripts is MS Word .doc, other formats such as Adobe PDF, Notepad .txt, etc. can also be processed.
  • What format of audio will you transcribe?
    We prefer digital files (MP3, WAV), the most cost effective and easiest way to transcribe files without having to deal with tapes that can break or get lost. The sound quality is far more superior. If you choose to submit your audio in digital format, it saves you both time and money because there is no need to wait for a messenger, or an overnight delivery, just upload the files electronically. We do not accept any sort of video tape or audio tape as we no longer have the technology for that.
  • How long should I expect your transcription to take?
    It's up to you. It all depends on the QUALITY of audio provided. The higher QUALITY, not only lessens the time to transcribe, and saves you money, it guarantees the return of a higher QUALITY transcript. Generally, several short documents will take longer to transcribe than one continuous document. Formatting requirements (headings, lists, tables etc) also increase the time taken to produce documents. Obscure or technical subject matter may take longer to transcribe than straightforward matters. In summary, it depends upon the nature of transcription work, the quantity of work and the audio quality.
  • How is the recorded audio quality classified?

    We classify the audio quality in the following categories,

    • Category (A): Single speaker with clear speech, and without background noise or disturbances.
    • Category (B): Multiple speakers with clear speech and without background noise and disturbances.
  • How accurate are the transcripts?
    Based on the quality of the audio, we guarantee a 98% accuracy of audio‐to‐text conversions, the transcripts are proof read by experienced Reviewers before the documents are sent to clients.
  • What is your typical turnaround time?
    Standard turnaround is 6 to 9 working days from the time of receipt of the recordings and 50% deposit. A RUSH SERVICE is available for your urgent request, additional charges will apply. Our record on meeting delivery time deadlines is impeccable. This is a feature much appreciated by our clients. Moreover, we have different turnaround time packages with different rates, designed as per your needs.
  • Can you handle large projects?
    We have a pool of transcribers and another pool waiting to join our panel of transcriptionists. We can handle projects of any size. However, we may need some time to organize for transcription work of over 10 hours that requires a very short turnaround time.
  • What are your business hours?
    We operate from Mondays to Fridays 9am to 6pm. We have a support staff who will be available at your service to answer all your queries regarding the status of your transcription project, any changes in the formatting of transcripts or any query about our transcription services.
  • How do I know you'll keep my sources confidential?
    While no one can guarantee a 100% fool‐proof system of keeping your files confidential, we use several processes to help keep your files confidential. All of our team transcriptionists are legally bound by non‐disclosure agreements. They are also thoroughly screened and are only given sensitive matters when a trusted relationship has been established. Your materials are safe with us. If you would feel more comfortable, or it's simply your policy, we're more than happy to sign your non‐disclosures as well.
  • What is a Confidentiality Non‐Disclosure?
    Each transcriptionist within our panel is required to sign a Confidentiality Non‐Disclosure Agreement prior to working for us. This is kept on file. You can be assured that the materials going through our system are highly secure and are never divulged to anyone. Once a transcript has been completed and submitted, it is completely deleted from the transcriptionist's computer. This is a legally bound agreement between NS Transcription Services and each individual transcriptionist.
  • What is the pricing policy of your company?
    The charges are based on the length of the audio recordings and are on per‐audio‐minute basis, minimum charges will apply for audio recordings of less than 15 minutes. See Pricing for more details.
  • What are the different payment options that you offer?
    Payments can be made via cheques, direct bank in, Internet Banking or Paypal
  • How do I send the audio/video files?
    If you have saved the audio/video recordings on CDs, DVDs, USB or Mini Discs, you can mail them to us and if the audio/video recording is saved on your computer, it can be sent via www.dropbox.com.
  • Can you transcribe from a CD or DVD?
    We can transcribe from CDs and DVDs. The most effective way to do this is to transfer the audio or video files from the CDs and/or DVDs to our PC using our specialist software. We will then convert all video files into voice files which we can transcribe using our transcription software. Additional charges applies. Payment for couriers and postage of materials (CDs or DVDs) will be borne by the client.
  • Should I send you my original video files in CDs or DVDs or HDD?
    We advise that you make a copy of your original files just in case your CD or DVD or HDD gets lost or damaged during shipping. Upon request we will send your original CD or DVD or HDD back. Please make certain to send, along with the materials, a self‐addressed, stamped envelope or package in order to return the materials. Please note if you have not requested that your materials be returned within 3 months then they will be recycled.
  • Is there anything I should send with my audio?
    There certainly is. It's essential you provide any supporting information that is available, such as a participant list, agenda, or a summary of the subject matter. A participant identification list, which indicates the order in which delegates spoke in addition to their first few words at each instance of speaking, is also an excellent resource, one that will enable us to identify each speaker correctly. This is especially useful for focus groups where no video is available.
  • Can you put in time codes?
    Of course we can. Time codes are an essential part of the transcript. We have devised an efficient and expedient way to include them in your transcript. Additional charges applies.
  • Do you edit & proofread the transcript?
    Yes, our process involves a reviewer/proofreader and they run through the audio and the transcript in its entirety. Normally we produce a smart verbatim transcript which means our transcriptionists type what they hear. We don't edit them to what we think the speakers were trying to say. The reviewer/proofreader is there more to check spelling and basic grammar. We strive for a minimum of 99% accuracy in all audible sections of the audio we receive.
  • Will I have to do any editing when I receive my transcript back?

    Generally speaking yes.

    Chances are we are not experts in the subject of your audio file and do not know all the industry jargon, slang etc.. but we do our very best. We also weren't present at the time of the recording so someone that was may need to make changes based on words we found to be inaudible. Someone who was present may also want to add non‐verbal observations or field notes to our files.

    If your transcript is for internal research work and not for publication, you may not need to edit it. We aim for a minimum of 99% accuracy and timestamp all inaudible and unknown words for your quick reference.

  • How do I get started?

    Simple steps:

    • Record your work digitally either on your computer or digital recorder.
    • Email or call us for a No Obligation, Free Quote.
    • Once rates are agreed, send your digital files to us via dropbox.com
    • We will transcribe within the timeframe selected by you.
    • Your completed transcription will be emailed to you in MS Word format.
    • If you require printed copies or CD, additional charges applies.
    • An invoice will be submitted via email. See Pricing for more details.
  • What if my question is not here?
    If you have any other questions, please call us at 6016‐2712618 We're happy to help!
    If you would need a quick quote, please contact us or email us at info@nstranscription.com. We'll get back to you in no time!